I am a chemist that is currently employed by the University of Florida. I have always had a great interest in the field of education, since my time in middle and high school I have worked to tutor those around me in the maths and sciences and always found great joy and interest in any assignment that had teaching elements to it. It is because of this that the field of curriculum design and the study of educational technology have great interest to me. To this end I am taking this class in order to familiarize myself with the tools that are prevalent in the educational field for the introduction of complex multimedia tools in the classroom.

To this end I have created this portfolio in order to present and highlight the work that I have completed as part of this design class. I would appreciate any input or information that anyone could provide. If you have any questions or thoughts contact us at admin@jasond.org

Image Editing

Using Gimp I was able to modify two freely available images in order to create a bookcover for the Once and future King then using inkscape I created a logo for a hypothetical gaming company.

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Web Design

Modifying the html and CSS files of provided templates two assesments were made, the first was a multiple choice assesment based off of space history, the second is a drag and drop assesment of chemistry concepts.

Space Quiz Chem Quiz

Video Production

I created an informational video about the early history of the personal computer and how it developed

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Digital Animation

I created a digital animation that would depict the simple physical process of diffusion

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Explore what starting a game project in Unity looks like

Set phasers to stun

Mobile App

This will be updated once the Mobile app project has been completed

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